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Food is our passion, especially using local produce from our wonderful Shropshire Hills area. Each Tuesday we will provide a recipe, cooking tip or introduce an ingredient which will hopefully fire your enthusiasm for cooking.

See below our Shropshire Hills recipes.

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May 2024

 Panzanella with chicken or paneer

For this warm bank holiday, I decided to turn a favourite side salad into a main. So here is a version of panzanella with more vegetables and either chicken or paneer added. Not traditional, but delicious.

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Black bean empanadas

This is one of the recipes that lead to a wonderful smell during the morning's plant based Spanish Tapa Cookery Course. I watched with envy as they went out the door at the end of the workshop, but of course with this I can make them myself.

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April 2024

 Rhubarb Crumble

I toyed with the idea of making a rhubarb sorbet but by the time I had come in from cutting the rhubarb out in the cold only a warm, comforting rhubarb crumble would do.

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 Fidget Pie

We've had requests for the recipe for our 80K Festival Fidget Pie (they certainly feature in the memories and photos of participants). Well, on the day they are made by the experts at A. Ryan & Son Butchers in Much Wenlock, but this is our recipe for homemade ones.

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Bara Brith

One of the joys of taking part in the Shropshire Way 80K Festival is the food. And we have had requests for this recipe our wonderful chefs make.

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Egyptian Fava Bean Falafel

Naturally one of the most wonderful things about our cooking courses are the recipes you take away with you. If you were not on last week's course, let me share this one with you.

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Thai curry with butternut squash

Spring may have sprung but there are still days when a warming curry hits the spot.

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March 2024

baked beans

Have a fresh take on your baked beans and make them yourself!

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Chelsea Buns

The Centre is lucky to have staff with very talented daughters who can make things like these traditional currant buns.

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Hot cross buns

It is time! Here is a recipe to make lovely, soft hot cross buns.

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Vegan mayo

Something magically simple from yesterdays workshop

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february 2024

Sweet potato and black beans

Everyone needs a list of comfort food recipes – and this one is also fibre and nutrient rich – so win, win.

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Cardamom Crepe

If you would like a change from crepes with lemon juice and sugar or golden syrup, try these cardamom crepes from Somalia, where they are called malawax (pronounced ma- la-wah)

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From Friday’s Lamb Supper, a Greek recipe that is simple to prepare but elegant enough for an evening at the Centre.

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Cauliflower, potato and white bean soup

While both the Shropshire weather on Candlemas and Punxsutawney Phil predict an early spring, it is still soup weather. Here is a filling soup as we continue to search for signs of spring.

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January 2024

Creamed spinach pasta

A dish to fight the gloom of a grey day. Also a forgiving dish, it asked for ricotta cheese and cream, but I have found it just as delicious when using up cottage cheese and cream cheese. I love the crunch of the pine nuts set against the pasta.

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Sardine Salad

Either part of a light supper or a lovely lunch. With the added benefit that sardines are full of omega-3 fatty acids and often found as part of the Mediterranean recipes.

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Red Lentil Soup

Just the thing for cold weather, hearty but the lemon and coriander giving it a bit of a sparkle.

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Lemony Pasta With Braised White Beans

Healthy, simple, delicious! If one of your New Year’s resolutions was to get more beans into your diet, add this recipe to your rotation of menus.

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Cornmeal muffins

Families prepared to welcome in the New Year last Saturday, making among things, these muffins, which are said to bring prosperity in the New Year, though they will taste good anytime.

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