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Our Soil's Got Soul!

Our educational horticulture project is finally underway.

After several years in the planning stage, we have finally started work on this exciting new project which will focus on all; things soil.

We are working on finding some funding to cover the cost of operating the scheme, but in the meantime, Ian and the volunteers have been putting in the groundwork to prepare the soil. This involves power harrowing and raising the soil pH with an application of lime. A cover crop will be sown at the end of June which will then be ploughed back in to act as a biofumigant and to enrich the soil.

Here is some information on Our Soil’s Got Soul.

Soil - dirty stuff that sprouts weeds, muddies your shoes and takes up space that could be concreted over to park your car? Or the precious living layer between us and bedrock, whose organisms generate every single fruit, vegetable, bread, biscuit, cereal, oil and sugar that keeps us all alive? This project looks at regenerative horticulture, using soil as a carbon-sink and producing food in a way that enhances rather than damages the environment. We will have poly-tunnels, a no-dig area and raised beds, all of which will grow vegetables to supply our café.

This brand-new scheme will be led by a project manager, working with a group of volunteers, referred to us either through social prescription or from other agencies- to provide training and tackle issues of social isolation. The project will also educate new and existing visitors about the need to protect our soil and give them the tools they need to begin their own regenerative horticulture projects.

We’d like to show visitors how we look after and learn from our soil, and how we’re addressing some of the challenges the soil of the Shropshire Hills and beyond faces from years of over-grazing and over-use of artificial fertilisers and pesticides.